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SunMaster Tanning Bed Parts and Service


UVA SunSystems, Inc. carries parts for SunMaster, Virtual Sun, Alpha Sun and a variety of other tanning beds. We do not carry acrylics or hydraulic pistons for other beds, but we do carry many different ballasts, timers, fans, lamps and other common parts. The best place to start is our commercial website, TanningLamps4Less. If you can't find the part there, then you can call us at 1-800-274-1744.


UVA SunSystems, Inc. has the facilities to work on most brands of tanning beds at our Greensboro, NC facility. We do not offer field work on brands we do not build, and these units would have to be brought to us. Often, we will coordinate with your local electrian to perform repair or modification to SunMaster and Virtual Sun tanning beds, which reduces costs for everyone. Please read your warranty for the amount of labor and service coverage for your particular tanning bed.