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SunMaster Tanning Beds

SunMaster Limited Edition Tanning Beds

SunMaster tanning beds have quietly become the number one tanning bed for home tanning enthusiasts over the last 27 years. No one has a better warranty or gives you as much support after the sale as SunMaster. Rather than take a commercial bed and strip it down, our home tanning systems are designed from the ground up to look great in your home and deliver a better tanning experience that a stripped down commercial bed. All SunMaster home tanning beds use standard 120v household current, so no special wiring or "buck-boost transformers" are ever needed. SunMaster pioneered super-high efficiency electronics, becoming the first company to offer plug in the wall tanning beds that had 18, then 24 and finally as many as 32 lamps. No one has better technology. At SunMaster, we understand that a tanning bed is much more than just a light fixture for tanning bulbs, it is a complete system that must work together to deliver maximum tanning power, without wasting electricity.

SunMaster beds use SunMaster lamps. This sounds obvious, but other companies use lamps that they did not design themselves. Not only do we set the specifications for all of our lamps, but the very first SunMaster product WAS a tanning lamp, well before we built SunMaster beds. You can find cheaper tanning lamps, but you won't find a tanning bed that uses BETTER tanning lamps than genuine SunMaster Custom, Pro and ClearTech series. More and more tanning salons use our lamps as replacement lamps for their existing Wolff Systems and other tanning beds, but you can get them as standard equipment when you select a SunMaster tanning bed for your home.

Every SunMaster tanning bed is built here in America, in our Jemison, Alabama plant, then shipped directly to your door with no middleman or related markup. In short, you get more for your money. We also back every tanning bed directly, so when you call, you aren't just talking to a salesman, you are talking to someone with a decade or more experience in building, maintaining and supporting your new tanning bed. While virtually every other brand of tanning bed has changed owners over the last few years (and some, several times), we have been here since 1985, growing into the leading supplier for home tanning beds and tanning lamps. Put our experience and stability to work building your new tan!

SunMaster tanning beds are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the best in the industry, as well as a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Lifetime Support. More importantly, we have always done this. We earn our customers the old fashioned way, by giving them a better product at a lower price, and then standing behind the product for life. This is also why we the highest resale value in the industry.

SunMaster tanning beds come in several lamp configurations and sizes. We suggest checking out one of our stores for the current models that are available as well as the exact current specifications, using the Shop Now link.